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You, your company, or your organization can hire our experts for on location workshops.

+ Determine the best campaign strategy to sell each specific listing - and/or your specialty or service

+ Implement into your social media, video, brochures,
open house, and every way you promote

+ Learn how to enhance your web site(s) by possibly doing it yourself

Or, our “Series 3 Workshop” is designed specifically for real estate brokers and investors, along with builders and developers. Whether you market residential, commercial, or both types of properties, we will help you every step of the way.
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When you have your own online channel, you can tell potential and current clients/customers WHEN to come to YOUR web site(s). That’s HUGE! Especially when all they see is YOUR message on the screen along with the video you want them to see.

If you are showing a product demonstration at 4:00 today, you can e-mail blast your entire database at 3:30 to invite them to your home page at 4:00. Tell them why they should watch.

Once they go to your site, all they see is YOUR company, product, or service. Depending on the type of business or service you provide, you can be showing specific products or topics at specific times, day or night.

Even if you don’t have much (or any) of your own video content, First In Promotions Service Bureau will help you to produce your channel. Let your potential and current clients/customers watch other professionally produced YouTube videos about your products and services, while they are locked in to YOUR web site.

Yes, you can schedule what and when videos will appear on your online channel yourself. However, scheduling and programming for each day can take as long as one hour per day.

Or, you can hire First In Promotions Service Bureau to build your video library, schedule every single day to your preference, and even help you to schedule and coordinate live streaming. All for as little as $8.22 per day with our Annual Plan.

That’s a small price to pay to keep potential clients/customers coming and staying on your web site!

If you are still thinking, "But we already have a YouTube page", consider that when you send a potential customer there, they will also see videos from your competitors and other outside distractions. You are sending them AWAY from your business!

Your YouTube channel is great for attracting new clients. Your own Channel via your web site(s) is great for KEEPING new and existing clients coming back to your home page. That's a big difference.
Advanced Real Estate Marketing Services
+ Enhanced Digital Brochures

+ Printed / Mailed To Targeted List(s)

+ E-mail Blasts / Social Media Campaigns

+ Complete Campaigns

+ Agents, Brokers, Builders, Developers
Agents / Brokers / Investors / Leasing

Lenders, Title, Home Inspectors, Stagers....

Let us help you reach your local target audience!
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Watch Our Real Estate Marketing Services Channel
Let Us Make YOUR Site Do This For You !!

See Below......
Make YOUR Web Site(s) "Appointment Viewing" !!

Show Every Video - Not Just The Same One Every Time

Keep Them Coming Back To Just To See What's Playing!!
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