Dave Kohl
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Dave is the driving force behind the success of FIP, having joined as Marketing Director at the very beginning in September 1992. He hit the ground running, bringing us the “Real Estate Buyers Hotline” phone property service from Los Angeles and helping FIP to bring it to other cities with enhanced features.

Forward ahead to the present, and Dave is still running. He heads up the Chicago office, developing 24 hour online streaming video channels, publishing a local real estate trade magazine, creating real estate specific workshops and seminars, and working with agents, brokers, and investors on marketing themselves and their properties.

In addition, Dave continues to write every chance he gets, including his real estate marketing blog and sports media blog. His “Market Research: A Key Competitive Advantage” book is available via Amazon. His “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” audio book remains available for download, while the new book, “8 Hours To Real Estate Investing” is scheduled to debut during the 4th quarter of 2017.

Prior to joining us, Dave was chosen “Business Person of the Year” by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce for 1990. The Columbia College Chicago graduate also taught there for seven semesters and worked in radio broadcasting for several years.

If you are wondering what Dave does in his spare time, so are we. We haven’t found any in 25 years.
Dave Kohl
Marketing Director
Megan Rossini
Content Producer
Megan brings more than seven years of sales and marketing expertise to our latest major projects. At this time, she remains based in the Atlanta GA area. Her “behind the scenes” television background is key toward advancing our online channel operation. Since joining FIP, Megan has literally done the “dirty work” to ready our Service Bureau to assist in the operation of our FIP real estate channel.

More importantly, her efforts have made it possible for FIP to act as a “Service Bureau” for our outside online channel clients. She will coordinate the daily scheduling, incorporating live feeds, content acquisition, and possibly securing advertisers.

If you like our website, we want you to know that Megan had a lot to do with producing the content!

She can be reached at Megan at Firstin.com.
Phil Randolph
Business Development
Phil has us all believing that while his grammar school classmates were doing coloring books he was busy writing business plans for lemonade stands using multiple crayons. There doesn’t seem to be a business plan that Phil hasn’t analyzed.

Even though we can’t pry him loose from his Nevada office to come and enjoy the Chicago weather instead, his seemingly hundreds of years of business experience have been a welcome addition to our team.

Many of the strategies we use internally help us to serve our clients better than ever before. At the same time, many of our clients have benefitted from Phil’s ideas, even though they don’t see him in person.

His outside passions include all things pro and college football, while the remainder of his year is spent waiting for spring college football practices, the pro football draft, and training camp reports.

He can be reached via Phil at Firstin.com.
Liz Rivera
Marketing Assistant
The newest member of our management team, Liz has taken on expanding both our real estate and small business related workshops and seminars. She could probably talk for two hours about all of the details of a one hour mini-seminar.

She is amazing at creating sponsor opportunities and arranging for the “just right” venue(s) in support of our clients’ needs.

Liz loves her family life in the Grand Rapids MI area, often saying, “I have three children at home. It so happens that I’m married to one of them!”.
Megan Rossini
Phil Randolph
Liz Rivera
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