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F A Q's
What Happens When We First Sign Up?
Within hours, we will provide you with your custom programming code for embedding into each web page or site you want your channel to appear on. One of our marketing experts will be in touch with you (or appropriate contact person) regarding securing each of the videos you wish to include initially.

Your initial payment includes an initial marketing consultation to determine how videos (and potentially live events) will be added or updated, as well as the goals for marketing your channel on a regular basis.

While it is technically possible for us to begin your channel within a few hours, best practice is to allow up to one week in order to prepare a range of content to schedule along with social media and other promotional strategies.
Do We Need A Lot Of Our Own Video Content?
The amount of videos and video content you provide is up to you. From a technical standpoint, there is no restriction on either the length or the number of videos you can have in your Video Library at any time.

You are not required to produce or provide a minimum or specific amount of your own video content. Videos which are available via YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion are considered within the public domain and are available for you to freely assign to your channel(s) at any time.

These include webinars, courses, “How To” demonstrations, advertisements, and interviews.

For example, a restaurant web page could show how a popular chef prepares a dish which the restaurant serves, or a used car dealer could show videos about a specific model while promoting a used car of that model it has for sale.

Ideally, you will have at least several hours of total content in order to provide visitors to your site(s) with as many options as possible to visit on a regular basis.
How Often Can We Change The Videos We Schedule?
You will be able to add more videos to your Video Library, whether yours or others that you wish to include, at any time. Each one could be scheduled and shown as soon as the following day in most cases.

Videos which are added to your Video Library can either be added or designated to replace an existing video.

We realize that for sites such as real estate and automotive that specific videos may need to be removed, or revised for price changes, from time to time. You will be able to delete any of the videos at any time for any reason.
Does This Service Impact Our Hosting Plan?
There are absolutely no technical demands regarding your web hosting or streaming. Your channel is actually a code which you place within each web page showing the channel on a one-time basis.

You can determine the size of your channel on the screen as well as the exact placement within the web page. The videos shown, including your own, are streamed and are not hosted through your site. Thus, there is absolutely no additional capacity taken up.

Your Channel code can be used on as many web pages as you desire and appear in any size you choose, ranging from a small screen to a full web page.
Can We Show Live Events On Our Channel?
Yes! You can show live events and even schedule them hours or days ahead of time to alert your database.

Currently, a live event on your channel is done by going live on Facebook or YouTube and providing the link to the event within your Channel database. There is no maximum on the length of your live event.

The exact time of your live feed is determined by you. Thus, if you schedule a live seminar for Wednesday at 3:00 PM, but sign on live at 2:45 PM, your live feed will begin on your Channel at 2:45 and end when you choose.

You will also be able to show replays of your live presentations on future days and schedule them as you desire. There is no additional cost for this option, and you can offer as few or as many live events as you desire.

What If We Own More Than One Web Site?
There is no limit to the number of web pages or sites you can use for one Channel. This is because we provide you with a custom code to embed within each page.

For example, a real estate office with 10 agents owns a Channel. The office has a web site, while each of the 10 agents has their own separate web site.

In this case, the same channel could easily appear on all 11 home pages, showing the same content at the same scheduled time, at no additional cost.

If, under this example, each of the agents wants to have their own channel showing different contact (such as each agent’s listings only), they could purchase additional channels within the same account for a discounted additional charge.

There is no limit to the number of web pages or sites which can show any Channel. We do, however, suggest a limit of one video channel per web page.
Can We Sell To Other Businesses And Make Money With Our Channel?
A big YES to this question. You can sell or trade for advertising from anywhere you choose. Your Channel(s) can be a profit center for you and/or help to promote your business or service.

For example, a restaurant could sell time on its channel for a video (or slide presentation) from a neighboring theatre to promote its upcoming scheduled performances.

You could establish a “community channel” and sell all of your available inventory and place it on multiple local web sites. It’s fine with us!

Will Our Channel Work On Mobile Sites?
Yes, your Channel works on mobile web sites. When most people access your Channel via their phone or mobile site, the video currently streaming online is actually set to play from the beginning when the user presses the Play button.

Our clients really like this feature, since it means that someone visiting your Channel at 2:05 for a video which was supposed to have started at 2:00 is able to view it from the beginning and pause it if and as they see fit.
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