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Homes / Units

You no longer have to wait until your homes or condos are built in order to get buyers approved in order to get them sold!

Let us show you how quickly your homes can bring in revenue!

Since we use architectural drawings, blueprints, enhanced photos, and (where needed to feature specific views) drones, we can allow your potential buyers to experience your homes and make decisions weeks before their property is built or completed.

Stop losing money on model homes and vacant properties!
While our “demonstrator house” can be used to promote many of the important elements of a sale, the ideal use comes from commissioning a Custom Environment.

This process consists of utilizing everything for exact architectural drawings and blueprints to enhanced photos to drones to ensure that the property is experienced according to scale.

The significance is that the property does not need to be started or completed during the time of producing each Custom Environment. Architectural drawings and/or blueprints enable us to determine the size and scale of each room, the location of walls, windows, fireplace, stairs, skylights, countertops, fixtures, and important amenities.

Even if exact locations for electrical outlets, cable/internet connections, and security stations are not specifically revealed, knowing the exact layout enables the Environment to realistically reflect the layout scheme. This adds to the staging we provide.

For example, someone experiencing the family room would see exactly where the big screen TV could hang on a specific wall with a living room set arranged so that people can easily see it. He/she could see the depth of a room with a fireplace and the space within a kitchen with a center countertop.

Each Custom Environment is built to showcase the important elements and potential buyer choices for each subject property. Clients have many options which range from an exact duplication of the entire property to allowing each user to make important choices. It could be the entire house built to scale to allow each user to visit every room. Or, it could be a “house” with two living rooms, two kitchens, and two bathrooms in order to allow each user to choose which features and amenities they would like to purchase.

Drones are used when necessary to showcase specific views from exact locations. This option is especially helpful with high rise buildings, waterfront properties, and for properties in remote relocations.

Let’s use a high rise condo as an example of the benefit of our using a drone to complete a Custom Environment.

Suppose this is for a 20 story condo building in a large city near an ocean or lake using two living rooms and two bedrooms within. One bedroom could have the exact view from the 20th floor looking out over the water, while the other bedroom could show the view from the 5th floor which overlooks the park.

As a result, viewers could choose which elements of the room they prefer to live with, while also being able to compare the distinct view they would have.

Each Custom Environment takes roughly three to six weeks to complete, according to specifications, depending upon the density and number of items requested throughout.

Rooms are created to show the exact locations of walls, entrances, stairs, and amenities such as a skylight, vaulted ceiling, windows, doors, and other unique features. Specific colors and color choices for walls, floors and/or carpet, ceilings, cabinets, tile, and the like, are included.

Thus, a user can compare (for example) a wood floor and wood colored cabinets with gray tile and gray cabinets within the exact same room. Obviously, this is something which cannot be done to this extent if the person was literally standing in the room.

Although the majority of the properties we handle are residential, we can do also do this for office buildings, commercial properties, retail locations, apartment buildings, farms, shopping malls, industrial park, and planned communities.

In many cases, after a Custom Environment is completed, it can be modified to accommodate another property with only minor changes, potentially resulting in a savings of thousands of dollars for repeat clients.

Our developers have years of combined experience working with properties all over the world. Once created, a Custom Environment can be used from one hardware system (which can be used from any appropriate location) on up to numerous hardware systems at appropriate locations around the world.

Our real estate marketing experts combine the technical components with realistic staging, including appropriate furnishings, electronics, and amenities to enhance the floor plan and provide all viewers with a realistic look at exactly how the property appears or will appear.

Use of the VIRTUAL REALITY FOR REAL ESTATE Environment is licensed for a minimum of one year per project.
Many residential builders bring a consistent look to their properties, whether producing single family homes, row homes, or multi-unit buildings. The most important element for potential buyers is more often based on the floor plan and amenities within, as well as the specific location.

With our VIRTUAL REALITY FOR REAL ESTATE technology now available, home builders no longer have to wait for a home or development to be completed in order to complete sales. When there are separate developments around a large city or region allowing for potential buyers to choose their most desired location, those potential buyers no longer have to travel to each location for the same style of property.

When a potential buyer has a choice of features and amenities prior to purchase, builders can provide buyers with the ability to make those decisions more easily. Wearing the VIRTUAL REALITY headset and “walking” around in the home while selecting among available flooring, patterns, styles, and amenities gives them an opportunity they don’t have when physically standing inside an actual property.

A model home or sales trailer no longer needs to be the first thing you build in order to implement your sales process, which saves you time signing up the first buyers.

Suppose your plan is for a 20 unit single family home development. You could use your Custom Environment to display at local real estate offices or sales centers, offering early bird pricing on the first five units prior to being built. As those five are being sold and constructed, you can use our system to sell the next five at a slightly higher price, and so on.

What this does is to reduce the amount of idle time for each home upon completion. Of course, the less time it takes you to sell out a new development, the better your track record is for future projects and for attracting additional capital.

Lenders tell us that our system helps in the approval process for loans on properties not yet completed. Thus, our Custom Environment, combined with our marketing expertise, allows you to get potential buyers approved for advance purchases on your properties, saving you both time and money in the process.


Suppose a builder has developments filled with single family homes in the Chicago suburbs of Orland Park, Hanover Park, and Gurnee. Each home has a similar look, whether with two or three bedrooms, with the specifics of the geographic location being a factor in the pricing.

Using our system, the builder could “show” their homes before the homes are started or completed, enabling early bird sales and/or advance bidding. The potential buyer would easily be able to choose their desired color scheme for floors/carpet, cabinets, and other elements of the design. The potential buyer would be able to compare or choose among the locations of these homes without needing to travel the 75 mile radius and taking up additional hours of their valuable time. The developer would be able to obtain valuable feedback from potential buyers while there is time to make modifications.

This technology, along with the real estate expertise, can be used to streamline several important internal steps for developers as well.

For example, a Custom Environment containing six rooms could demonstrate a “before” and “after” for a specific kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom they have created. The developer can show a contractor, rehabber, architectural firm, builder, and/or potential buyer exactly what they can and have accomplished, leading to future projects.

Now matter how their Custom Environment is used, developers can showcase work which makes their properties unique. Large closets? Open kitchens? Smart technology?

Our system could also help with attracting investors and/or additional partnerships. Since you can demonstrate almost anywhere you like (needing only electricity and sufficient space), you can show groups in other cities and remote locations exactly what your projects are all about. You could have “showrooms” in a number of cities in order to support an expansion project!
Schedule Your Chicago Area Demonstration NOW:

dave @ firstin dot com

Call (847) 510-0613
"Virtual Reality For Real Estate is a portable system. It's also ideal for showing seniors an "Over 55" or Assisted Living Community so they don't have to travel!"
We take from blueprints, architectural drawings, and drones. Product placement available. Rentals from $200.

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