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FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing has been serving the real estate community since 1992!

It costs you nothing to ask us!

Strategic Partnerships Also Available
After 31 years in business, we continue to assist real estate professionals and investors to close your next deal and/or enhance your brand. FIRST IN provides leadership, creative, and innovative solutions to successfully meet client goals with the highest possible level of quality!
Public Speaking / Media Coaching
Operational Support

Market Research / Case Studies

Branding & Content

 Selling/Leasing Technology

Public Speaking / Media Coaching

Greeting from Dave Kohl, President and Founder
"We are FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing!"
Dave Kohl is here to help real estate agents, brokers, builders, developers, investors, and lenders to get to the closing table and/or to enhance their brand.

His early career experience in radio broadcasting led him to a variety of public speaking presentations and to award winning marketing projects while working with small businesses.

Now with more than 30 years of real estate marketing expertise, Dave combines all of his experience toward helping real estate professionals and investors accomplish their professional and personal goals!
Exclusively for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Investors!
Ace the Listing Presentation!
Convince Them To Invest!
Overcome the Fear!

One on One Training Sessions

Teams from 2 to 9 people

Group, Association, Corporate Sessions
(Group presentation plus individual consultations)

For Residential / Commercial Developers, Builders, Remodelers, Brokers:

Pre-Sell or Pre-Lease Properties

360 Tours From Floor Plans and Drawings

Attract Potential Buyers, Tenants, Investors

High End Renderings / Basic Virtual Staging
Find out for yourself why we are FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing:
Strategic Partnerships Available!
There are currently a limited number of Strategic Partnerships available with FIRST IN in the following categories:

Webinar / Event Sponsorship

Although we typically prefer to have a business we partner with a minimum five years track record, we understand that new or updated technology creates new rising businesses which merit consideration.

Here is what we seek from our business partners:

+ Minimum 5 years in business, based in U.S. or Canada

+Ability to make direct decisions (not “running it up the flagpole”)

+In-place methods of promoting or cross-promoting

One more thing. We are the decision makers. There is no waiting for weeks for “corporate” to issue a strange decision. We have been known to get rolling on a new project within minutes. After all, we are FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing!

Ask us! Simply fill out the above form, and you will hear from a real person ASAP!
Find out for yourself why we are FIRST IN Real Estate Marketing!
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